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The best revenge in the world is success !

A message to the media

The sooner some of you realise that you are not the ruler of all, you are not entitled to follow, intimidate , harrass or belittle others for your own ends, you do not ‘own’ anyone, you do not own anyones affairs, the sooner you get that into your thick skulls the better. If any judge in this land rules that you do have the right then they should be declothed, defrocked and left to rot.

To go to the lengths of using people’s children to annoy celebs is sick.
Or, to use them at all. I guess that’s care in the community down the toilet where some of the press are concerned.

I have been appalled by some of the standards that have been exposed from this Leveson inquiry and I believe it is not even the tip of the iceberg as to what really goes on. Infact, I know for sure.

It needed to stop and you needed to be taught a lesson.

It is so easy to make up lies about people and cause trouble some of you don’t care at all for anyones wellbeing, it’s just a job and a dirty one at that at times.

If you come anywhere near me or my children or my family again, I will tear you an even bigger asshole……..

Got it ?

Gay marriage, religion and oppression

It was inevitable that once the topic of gay marriage hit the headlines  other religious organisations would want their 2 pence worth.

How can anyone deny them that right ?

How do we serve them all?

The task would be difficult but there is always an option to try and meet a middle ground somewhere.

My proposal would be to gather high profile religious leaders together and have a sensible discussion on religions all across the board to try and reach a fair agreement and conclusion as to how to acheive a sense of fair balance.

I believe that it is unjust to put any religious organisation above or beyond any other or to encourage this kind of stance.

It is a known fact that oppression of homosexuality is prevelant in many forms of religion because the forefathers have written it in to history.

Socially, we still find that non acceptance still occurs but not all are against it, some just don’t have an opinion either way.
Care must be taken when trying to bring others around to a balanced view of thought, by sensibly discussing the issue.

I don’t think a resolve will ever come about until we take the issue back to its origins. Homosexuality has more than likely been around since humans inhabited the earth but the damage occurs when expression of opposal  is written in to ideologies or belief systems as this is how the hate spreads others follow the rules simply because they are raised to have these beliefs instilled in them.

The arguments against same sex relationships

Some have labelled it as unnatural, firstly we have to ask why some hold a desire for the same sex, is it by choice? well, that could be a possibility but I would tend to think that if their desires are that strong then it was something that they truly want then this is what matters. I hate to see arguments about people being born gay or choosing to be so, does it really matter?

If your heart tells you that you want or need this and you are sincere then the rules of nature applying or not are irrelevant.

I have seen no proof whatsoever that homosexuality is unnatural.

We are here exclusively to procreate ?

That is the opinion of some but from my perspective we are here and are part of this existence and we also have free will.

This free will would include then the choice of whether we decide to produce offspring or not.
Our sexual organs happens to be for male and female to reproduce together, no  preferential selected beings came about for breeding purposes, we all have the tools to use if we wish to but nowhere have I seen evidence that we must ‘all’ procreate.


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